Plot Edit

A child who is not allowed to watch TV watches TV and watches some shows and advertisements. Then his dad came and his dad made his child go back to his room.

Programs shown in Villager TV 2 Edit

  • Name That Block-Villager Number 56 is asked to name a block for 8 Emeralds. The Block is Grass as it is even shown on a sign, but Villager Number 56 doesn't know. He then guesses "Stone" so the host replaces the Grass Block with a Stone one so he can say that Villager Number 56 is correct. The Latter then asks what he won.
  • My Life Is Awesome Advertisement-A Narrator Asks a Villager if Life is getting him down and if he feels like nothing satisfies him anymore. The Villager responds to both questions with "uh-huh." causing the former to brag about how his life is awesome, and then the latter has his feelings hurt.
  • Testificate Man: The Movie Advertisement-The narrator says that "one man will become the hero everybody needs" and then a dark anonymous villain asks Testificate Man to "come out and play." Testificate Man, however, is taking a Night Off. The Logo is then shown with some bad reviews.
  • The Avengers In The Office-Iron Man plays an offensive joke on Hulk causing Hulk to walk in and Attack him.
  • Finding Nemo-Marlin asks a random Fish if he's seen nemo.
  • The Local Handyman With No Hands Advertisement-A Villager comes across a nail that he's too lazy to hammer in himself, so the Narrator tells him to call the Local Handyman With No Hands. The Local Handyman With No Hands then uses his head to hammer in the Nail and says that he gets constant headaches.
  • Star Wars IV : A New Hope-Obi-Wan gives Luke Anakin's Lightsaber, but Luke Waves it around like Crazy separating Obi-Wan's Hands.
  • Credits-The Kid is Caught watching TV, so he tries to hide it by saying he isn't. It works at first, but then the father immediately finds out it was a lie and sends his son to his room. The father then notices that Credits is on and gets excited.