Villager News 3
Villager News 3 is the third episode of the Villager News series. In this episode, the police think a citizen has taken two other citizens as hostages when all he wants, is to make toast.


A Citizen unknowingly takes multiple hostages because of his incredible desire for toast.


The episode opens with Villager #4 claiming they have breaking news! He claims that a "crazed lunatic" has taken two citizens as hostages. They then go to Villager #9 who is outside the house where they think the hostages are. Villager #9 interviews Villager #43 about the situation but they're cut off by the police negotiating. The police then tell the "crazed lunatic" to put down the knife he is holding, the "crazed lunatic" then claims he is making toast. The police then ask him to release the hostages, leaving the "crazed lunatic" very confused. The police then say they were told he has two hostages in there, he then defends the statement saying that there is only him and a friend of his in there. His friend then says there is some stuff going down on the news pointing out the hostage event. Then the "crazed lunatic" points out that he is the "crazed lunatic" and that that his friend is the hostage. His friend then asks the "crazed lunatic" not to hurt him, but the "crazed lunatic" claims he isn't hurting anyone. The police ask the "crazed lunatic" what his demands are, but he says he has no demands and he just wants to make toast. The police are then asked to get him some toast. Villager #9 then enters the house to interview the "crazed lunatic". He asks him what brought up all the "crazed lunacy" but he responds saying that all he wants is to make some toast. Villager #9 thinks he is being threatened and says that if he doesn't make it out alive, please tell Villager #4 that he ate his sandwich. Villager #4 then claims he knew it was him. The police then claim that it has gone too far and all enter the house, then Villager #9 points out that now they're all hostages too. The "crazed lunatic" claims he isn't taking any hostages but the police think he is lieing. They then go back to Villager #4 in the studio who is told that the Mayor has been informed of the situation. The Mayor then asks another villager what they should do, the other villager then says that the Mayor is in a position of power and that maybe the "crazed lunatic" will listen to him. They then go to the "crazed lunatic"'s house, with the Mayor saying that he has now been taken hostage. Villager #4 is then seen in the house saying that he has also been taken hostage. The episode then ends.


  • It is unknown how Villager #4 and Villager #9 made it out, as both of them were seen in Villager News 4 safe and well. Personally, the person editing this believes they are so incredibly idiotic they got out by wishing they were outside and then walking out the door.