The episode begins with the harmonizing, after which Villager No. 4 announces the head story: Their village and the Testificate village have gone to war over a trivial issue (the trivial issue being an insult to Villager No. 4's "sexy mustache".) No. 4 then cuts to Villager No. 9, who is on a landing craft bound for the southern side of the Testificate village. He then interviews Villager No. 87, who says, "I've never been in a war before. Hi mom!" (to which his mother replies, "Hi, son!" from her house, after seeing her son on the news.) After the boat lands, 2 villagers leave the boat, but the third and last villager, who is scared, becomes part of the boat. As Number 9 leaves the boat, along with the 2 other villagers, they are fired on by Testificate soldiers wielding machine guns. A Testificate tank fires at the trio, after which Villager No. 9 interviews a Testificate. However, their interview is cut short by a Testificate bomb. After the bomb explodes, the camera footage from the war ends. Back in the studio, Villager No. 4 gets a report that the Testificates are winning the war, and as No. 4 tries to speak Testificate (the language that Villagers speak in Minecraft), the trio begins harmonizing again, ending the short.