The episode also opens up with the trio of Villagers harmonizing, however, they are punished after mislabeling their signs as the first episode instead of the second. After forgiving one of the trio members, Villager Number 4 goes on to announce the winning lottery numbers: 1,4,17,548,M, and a drawing of a dog. Meanwhile, in the background, a flying saucer made of villagers abducts random villagers and mobs. Number 4 then proceeds to announce that a certain villager has enchanted himself. He calls the certain villager a witch and says that he should be burned. An offscreen villager then explains to Number 4 that he is not supposed to share his opinion, to which the latter retorts, "Your face isn't supposed to have an opinion!". He then announces that yet another villager has been reunited with a stack of wood that was stolen from him (a reference to An Egg's Guide to Minecraft). Number 4 then finally announces the head story: A villager has failed to return his library book on time. He then cuts to Villager Number 9, who is with a squad of police villagers who are ramming down the door of a large house, which is where the certain villager apparently is. They break down the door by using a passerby as a battering ram, and invade. They scan the first set of rooms, finding an inexplicably naked villager, and find that he is not the guilty one. They then enter the library, and find three "Violators". They yell as they are carried away, (one particular one yelling, "The horse made me do it!", as the camera pans to a horse reading a book). They find a fourth violator, who disconnects before he can be arrested. They then locate the room containing the suspect, but find that it's locked. They use yet another villager as a detonator, (which just makes the door fall over), and storm inside, where the suspect is taking a bath and reading his book. Another SWAT villager enters from the roof, humming the Mission Impossible theme, and stamps the book before exiting. They cut back to the studio, where a random villager has taken Number 4's place. The latter storms in, trying to take back his chair, and is abducted by the Villager Flying Saucer. The random villager then awkwardly mumbles the Villager News theme, as the video ends.