The episode begins with the harmonizing, and then continues. The anchorman, Villager No, 4, announces the head story; A "rogue citizen" was caught committing a crime. He then turns to Villager Number 9, the reporter. Number 9 recalls that the event took place earlier that day, and that they have footage of it from a camera (a camera being held by a villager) mounted on the roof of a small house. Number 9 explains that the culprit was a villager named Number 14, who was caught littering, and was chased by the police (two villagers with a third villager lying on top of them screaming a siren, mimicking a cop car). Number 9 then states that the crime resulted in a chase which was caught on film by a local traffic helicopter (Said helicopter is also made out of villagers). They manage to film the chase as several other police villagers join the chase. One of the pilots says out of the blue, "Are you seeing this?", to which one of the villagers taking part in the chopper states, "No. I am a helicopter". As the police try to "bargain" (they simply tell Number 14 to stop running, but he refuses, causing the police to stop chasing Number 14, saying, “Aw, he said no”.), Number 14 inadvertently activates a missile launch (a flying explosive villager). The helicopter announces the presence of the missile, and deploys several villager flares. The missile ends up going off, and disrupting the flight pattern of the chopper, which faults and crashes into the ground, ending the camera's film. Villager Number 9 announces that shortly after the incident, the police set down stingers, and ended up stopping Number 14. 14 was taken to court and sentenced to the "Pit of Death", which turns into a 300 parody, as a villager kicks Number 14 into the pit. In a twist ending, it turns out that the pit is only about a few feet deep (Number 14 evens comments on the ineffectiveness of the pit). The short ends with Villager Number 9 and Number 4 closing the video, as the trio starts harmonizing.