Psycho! is the third episode of The Crack. The episode features Jason in a mental hospital after drinking too many Red Bulls and watching YouTube. He then uses famous internet phrases during his time while Dan and Chrisi patronize him.


Jason gets bored one day so he decides to drink a lot of Red Bull and watch YouTube. The energy causes Jason to freak out, damaging his brain and going on a crazed rampage. He gets put in a mental hospital, but repeatedly repeats famous internet quotes will hearing strange whispers. While Dan and Chrisi watch him, they decide to have some fun while they watch him suffer by taunting him and telling him bad thoughts. But Jason starts to become horribly psychotic when he writes 'The Cake is a Lie' on the walls around him. Dan and Chrisi's taunting becomes to much when Jason starts to think Dan and Chrisi are internet videos (Nyan Cat, etc.) But Dan and Chrisi's taunting backfires when they are hypnotized and get thrown in the asylum as well.

Trivia Edit

  • "The Cake is a Lie" is from the game Portal, where the words "The Cake is a Lie" can be seen written on the walls in game.
  • It is possible that Element Animation has a love of Portal, as the gun can be seen in Vlog #1 and the voice of the computer in "Hacked Account!" sounds like the game's villain, GLaDOS.
  • Nyan Cat is parodied again in Nom/Egg/Pig Thing.
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