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Jeff the Evil Roomba is a minor(?) antagonist in Testificate Man The Movie. He appeared in the end of TM: the Movie where he challenged Testificate Man to a fight, however the video ends and the narrator says to find out what happens in the next TM movie, they actually did make another one.jeff the evil roomba might of been the villain in villager tv 2 because he had red eyes shown


He is a black Roomba with glowing, red eyes.the mysterious villain who appeared in the villager tv 2 episode might of been jeff the evil roomba the bad guy who appeared in the episode had red eyes and a purple cloak also a grey hood on him


Not much is known about Jeff, however it can be presumed that he and Testificate Man have had a run in with each other in the past due to Testificate Man immediately knowing who Jeff was, and Jeff immediately knowing who Testificate Man was. If a Testificate Man 2 is ever made, Jeff will probably be the main antagonist, as at the end of the original 'movie', the narrator explains that viewers will have to find out how Testificate Man deals with him In the next movie, that is, if Element ever makes another one.