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Hello guys! Welcome to the Offical Element Animation wiki! If you heard that name, then you know Element Animation. The studio is founded by Dan Lloyd, Jason Sargeant and Christine Aktin. The company owns many web series like The Crack, Terraria: The Animated Series, Villager News, Power Down (cancelled show), An Egg's Guide To Minecraft, Element Shorts and many more! It stars the voices of Scott Stoked, Corinne Sudberg, James Hughes, Alex Rusted, Joel Louis Houghton, Paul David Everatt, Harry Steele and others. It guest stars: Sam Pepper, RoomieOffical, PointlessBlog and others. If your'e new here, you can consider subscribing to the Element Animation channel to get notified about exciting videos! You can watch Jason, Dan, and Chrisi (as eggs) in the show, The Crack! You can join Jason and Steve as they explore the wonders of Minecraft in the show, An Egg's Guide To Minecraft! You can hear the latest updates from Villager #5 and Villager #9 in the show, Villager News. You can watch the animated series of a game, Terraria: The Animated Series! You can only watch one episode from the show “Power Down” because it's canceled :(. You can watch the episodes from Element Shorts featuring Jason, Dan, and Chrisi again! Explore with the Villagers and Minecraft Players in Minecraft Shorts (or known as Shorts in Minecraft).


THE CRACK Behind The Scenes

Wild Diamonds

Cast[edit | edit source]

Dan Lloyd (Voice of Dan from The Crack!, The Villagers and ElementDan from Shorts in Minecraft)

Jason Sargeant (Voice of Jason from The Crack! and ElementJason from Shorts in Minecraft)

Christine Atkin (Voice of Chrisi from The Crack! And Voices The Kid Villagers)

Corinne Sudberg (Voice of Alex from An Egg's Guide to Minecraft)

Joel Louis Houghton (Voice of Joel from Shorts in Minecraft and the Witch in Villager News]]

James Hughes (Voice of James from Shorts in Minecraft)

Scott Stoked 2011-2015 (Voice of Steve from An Egg's Guide to Minecraft and many more.)

Dan Bull (Voice of The Zombie From Zombie Rap)

Paul David Everatt (voices many characters in shows.)


The Crack!

Villager News

An Egg's Guide to Minecraft

Minecraft Shorts | Shorts in Minecraft

Element Shorts

Terraria: The Animated Series

Power Down

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