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The channel first became popular when they released a video called “An Egg’s Guide To Minecraft”. They were later advertised by a fellow YouTuber named SethBling, after they created a collaborative animated video called “Bite-Sized Minecraft”. Before this point, they had been releasing a web-series known as “The Crack” for 14 months which gained them approx which is 3,000 subscribers. That number has risen dramatically over the few months that followed; they currently have about 1,800,000 subscribers and over 10,000 million video views. The videos they upload vary slightly, and “The Cocaine” currently has 20 episodes and is into it's the second season; however, this series hasn’t had a new episode since “An Egg’s Guide to Minecraft” was first posted. They turned “An Egg’s Guide to Minecraft” into a series following the success of the first episode and they release each installment roughly once a month. Sometimes between episodes, they have other short videos like “10 Minutes of jizzing in a cow” or “coprophagia”. In the past they have released V-logs 1 and 2, they are also planning a third. In the v-logs, the viewers can contribute their questions, comments or fan art for it to be presented in the next v-log. Element Animation has a second channel known as “Element Shorts” in which they make even shorter videos, the shortest being 14 seconds, including the end of the video.

Famous Sides

Characters Shows Other things
Dan The Crack Cheese
Jason An Egg's Guide to Minecraft Chatroulette
Chrisi Element Shorts Minecraft
Moustache Egg Villager-Shows Scott Stoked


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