Personal Status
Gender Male
Allies Jason (one-sided), Chrisi, Mustache Guy
Enemies Sam Pepper, The Mighty Google, sometimes Jason
Played By Dan Lloyd

Dan is one of the eggs for Element Animation and the deuteragonist of The Crack. Dan is characterized as the voice of reason in the kitchen and is usually annoyed, confused, and sometimes freaked out by Jason's strange behavior in The Crack series and in any other videos they may appear in. Although he is one of Jason's friends, he sometimes wishes that Jason was no longer there to annoy him. It was even revealed in an episode of The Crack known as "THE PLANE" that he was actually eager to push Jason off the edge of the counter, only so that he would no longer be around. Dan is voiced by Dan Lloyd.


For the entire first season of The Crack, Dan lived in the kitchen with Jason and Chrisi, and is usually annoyed, confused, or freaked out by Jason's behavior


  • Dan had darker blue eyes in the old series of The Crack, his eyes were made to be brighter in 2013.
  • Dan is one of the four main characters of The Crack, the other three being Jason, Chrisi and Mustache Guy.