Plot Edit

The daily life of villagers at Christmas time.

Scenes in Christmas With The Villagers Edit

  • Don't Throw Snowballs At Me

A Villager throws a Snowball at another Villager causing the Other one to puke out a whole bunch of them.

  • Snowmen Are Never Happy

2 Villagers Make a Snow Golem. It then starts to beat them up.

  • The True Christmas Spirit.

A Kid wants to open all his presents now, but his father says that he must wait until later. Just then the Doorbell Rings and at the door is a Villager who wants to share the "Christmas Spirit" which happens to be a real spirit who asks the father if he can come inside.

  • Sled Race

2 Villagers are racing down the Mountain for 5 Emeralds.

  • Get In The Bag

A Kid Tells an In Store Santa that he's a Fake. The In Store Santa tells him to get in the bag.

  • It Could Be A Trap

2 Villagers find a Present but one of them thinks it could be a trap. Another Villager then goes to steal some wood and opens the present to find an emerald. The 2 Other Villagers are Disappointed and then a Naked Villager comes in and yells, "MERRY CHRISTMAS!". (Clever Trap.)