Nicknames None
Personal Status
Gender Female
Allies Dan & Jason
Enemies Anyone who calls her a boy
Played By Christine Atkin

Chrisi is one of the eggs for Element Animation and is the tritagonist of The Crack. She lives with Jason and Dan in the kitchen. She is characterized as a young egg who is rather pleasant to be around but is prone to outbursts whenever provoked. One of the things that get her most angry, however, is being mistaken for a boy. This causes her to completely act out and occasionally shoot lasers out of her eyes. She, like Dan, can get pretty confused and annoyed at Jason's behaviour, but seems to tolerate it a bit better than Dan does. She is voiced by Christine Atkin.


Chrisi isn't seen as often as Dan and Jason in The Crack, but she is a very notable character nonetheless. She was seen with Dan when they went to visit Jason in the mental hospital after he consumed large amounts of Red Bull, and she even made a video on how not to be bored, which turned out to be an episode of The Crack. After Dan escaped from the internet realm, she revealed that she had changed the password for their YouTube account because she felt that "PINAS" wasn't secure enough. She also gets angry when she is called a boy, she is an egg with yellow eyes. 


  • She had red eyes in the old series of the Crack.
  • She seems to shoot lasers from her eyes when she's angry.
  • She is the only female egg in The Crack.
  • She is smaller than Dan and Jason, but as much as the same height as Mustache Guy.
  • In the episode, The Crack: We Weren't Hacked? after Dan escapes from the internet realm, Dan found out that Chrisi changed the password.
  • The old password was PINAS, but Chrisi thought it wasn't Secure enough.
  • She is one of the four main characters in The Crack, the other 3 being Jason, Dan and Mustache Guy.