An Egg's Guide to Minecraft is a series of animated mini-movies that tells the story about Jason who can be seen in Season 2 of The Crack inside a game called Minecraft. The series premiered and began with 3 episodes from The Crack, which is now known as "The Crack: The Hacked Account Trilogy", starting in 2012. The plot of the series tells us about Jason and Steve, who are on their journey to find Notch, the creator of Minecraft, until their journey got interrupted by Herobrine.

Jason's GroupEdit

Jason's Group was a group of individuals who aided the egg, Jason during his time in the world of Minecraft.


Steve Alex George the Pig The Beast (briefly) The Extremely Flamboyant Creeper (briefly) Several Villagers

Characters before Jason got to MinecraftEdit

Episodes before Jason comes to MinecraftEdit

  • Episode 1: HACKED ACCOUNT!
  • Episode 2: HACKED AGAIN!
  • Episode 3: We Weren't Hacked?

Episode guideEdit

  • Episode 1: What's Minecraft?
  • Episode 2: Look at my awesome house!
  • Episode 3: Who the hell are you?!
  • Episode 4: You're not a cube?
  • Episode 5: Moo!
  • Episode 6: Who's Notch?
  • Episode 7: He's a BAD MAN!
  • Episode 8: Where'd my wood go?
  • Episode 9: Punch that pig!
  • Episode 10: I want THAT one!
  • Episode 11 (April Fool's Joke): Yolo
  • Episode 12: Yo soy el Rey de México!    
  • Episode 13: Hello Brother!
  • Episode 14: You have one new message!    
  • Episode 15: Nyah!    
  • Episode 16: The Spirit of Vengeance and Death!
  • Episode 17: To War!

Special EpisodesEdit

  • Bite-Sized Minecraft
  • Bite-Sized Minecraft 2
  • Bite-Sized Minecraft 3
  • Minecraft Friends parody
  • Villager News
  • Villager News 2
  • Villager News 3
  • Villager News 4
  • Villager News: The Giant Problem (Or Villager News 5 If You Don't Like Calling It That)
  • Villager TV
  • Villager TV 2
  • Villager TV 3
  • Christmas with the Villagers
  • Christmas with the Villagers 2
  • Testificate News
  • Minecraft Harlem Shake
  • Minecraft Cows & Minecraft Cows & Minecraft Cows
  • Super Awesome Update!
  • Testificate Man: The Movie


  • Ep.11: Yolo isn't really an episode but a April Fools joke.
  • The villager child in Ep 7 is also the voice of Dan (Confirmed by Chrisi).
  • The tree in Bite-Sized Minecraft is the voice of Jason.
  • Mustache Guy is seen as a spinning egg (Batman parody) in Episode 6.
  • If you can see closely, in Bite-Sized Minecraft 3, in the Flying Players (replacing Squids) scene, a skin of Mordecai from Regular Show made a cameo.
  • Testificate Man is hidden is Ep: 16: The Spirit of Vengeance and Death!
  • According to a tweet from Element Animation, Herobrine is actually called The Great and Powerful One, so that's not even the actual Herobrine, nor is he Herobrine's clone.
  • The first episode makes a cameo in Animation vs. YouTube.
  • In Ep 10, the Creeper from Animationcraft makes a cameo appearance when Steve and Jason arrive at the train section.
  • At the beginning of Ep 9, during Steve's dream, you can see the entire series up to that point displayed in blurry images.


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